Aging Gracefully: Movement is Life

This Retreat, located in the womb of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of our specialized experiences.

4 days / 3 nights

De-stress upon arrival; with feet on earth, connect to the nature’s rhythms, inside & out. Experience expertly curated Yoga, Breathwork, Bio-Mechanics and Natural Movement workshops.
This retreat will combine the wisdom of Ancient Yogic sciences with modern Biomechanics to create a safe and informative experience for all ages. You will embark on an eye opening and refreshing approach to movement as well as techniques to keep you relaxed and balanced through all stages of life.

Our Aging Gracefully Retreat is designed by our staff Yoga Therapist and Restorative Exercise Specialist, Kristin English. It is a perfect fusion of Therapeutic Yoga, principals of modern Biomechanics with an emphasis on moving in and with nature.  Kristin is a student of and is certified under Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement Program.  This retreat will share principals from Katy’s best-selling book, Dynamic Aging.

In the modern world, our sedentary lifestyle promotes stagnation and improper function of our bodies. Even if we exercise an hour a day we are considered “active sedentary”.  This leads to unhealthy physical, mental, and emotional patterns.  On this retreat we will reframe some popularized ideas of health that might not be serving us in the way we may expect.  For instance, the paradigm of “exercise” as our primary tool for a healthy body and nervous system is outdated and, in many cases, leaves us in this “active sedentary” category. We will consider how all our daily “movements” can be in themselves a nutrition and a preventive medicine, shifting us out of this epidemic of sedentarism and into a more empowered and joyful aging experience.  Your body will be moved down to the cellular level and will leave energized with new life force.

Your guide Kristin English combines years of experience in complementary modalities to help support and guide you toward simple and profound truths. She believes in and shares nature, movement and principals of Yoga and Meditation to create a harmonized and holistic experience.  She shares through creating presence, simple tools for being in the moment, through which we can discover our inbuilt ability to heal ourselves. Vedanta’s natural and pristine environment is the ideal setting to take a pause and to work on personal transformation. Joining this thoughtful program will have a soothing and strengthening effect lasting far beyond our weekend together.

Enjoy 240 Acres of Oak Woodlands,

Silence in the Seqouia’s and Bare Feet in the Rivers:
Let nature bring you into Embodiment!

Pause and Remember Who You Are

Yoga Integration:  Yoga is a state of being, not a set of postures.  In this retreat you will learn more about the scientific system of Yoga and how asana, pranyam and meditation will help with your aging process.  You will receive movement take-home practices to support you on your journey.

Biomechanics and Natural Movement:  Sedentarism is one of the primary reasons for our current health crisis and affluent ailments.  We have become a culture of sitting that is bolstered away from the earth by shoes, chairs, and concretized environments.  We will examine our own bodies and habits learning new ways to build strength in natural, simple, and effective ways.  Learning to mobilize more of our body parts, more frequently, we can even start to tackle the issue of body pain that plagues so many of us.

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You Will Experience The Potentials Of Aging Gracefully Through:

  • A 2.5 hour Alignment Class: This workshop will teach you how to align your body in a brand new and integral way that will fit into your everyday movements and all of your exercise modalities. This process will help alleviate or prevent issues such as back and hip pain, knee issues, pelvic floor disorders, osteopenia, and more.
  • A 2.5 hour “Building the Posterior Chain” Workshop: This workshop will awaken muscles in the body that have lain dormant from underuse. Now integration your new knowledge of alignment you will learn to activate and move from the core, as well as newly fired posterior muscles. This concept and practice can be a game changer in the way you approach and experience all of your movement practices.
  • A 2.5 hour “Journey through the Koshas” Workshop: This is an energetic process where you experientially learn about these 5 Koshas, or 5 states of our Being, from the ancient yogic sciences. This workshop is incredibly informative and relaxing as it combines restorative yoga, various self-massage techniques to rejuvenate the body down to the cellular level, as well as Yoga Nidra and Sound Therapy to go into the most subtle experience of ourselves.
  • A Daily Pranayam & Subtle Movement Practice: Each morning we will practice a traditional pranayama and movement practice that is deeply detoxifying to the internal organs. It also creates a balanced and powerful “prana” flow through every joint and energy center in the body. You will receive this as a take home practice to support you on your wellness path.
  • Daily Earthing and Walks: Each day we will move in nature. Where safe and applicable we will connect our feet to the earth after learning the important benefits of this practice. We will also take long walks integrating the movement and mindfulness techniques that we have learned in the workshops.
  • Sound Therapy & Yoga Nidra: Two evenings we will have a healing sound and guided relaxation/meditation session.
  • A Forest Bathing Excursion: Taking our breathing, awareness and movement practices into the beauty of nature. This will take place on our property, in local woods or in the nearby Sequoias (location varies due to season and road closures).

Meet The Teachers

Contact for More Details: Kristin at

Kristin aims to be “In Service of Life.” Devoted to the process of transformation, she loves being a guide for anyone on the path of enriching, healing, or deepening the mind-body experience.

Her teachings are infused with a deeper knowledge and mindfulness born of her decades of devotion to the lifestyle and study of Yoga, Natural Movement, Biomechanics, and Vipassana. meditation.

She is the Program Coordinator for VSHR, an E-RYT 200/RYT 500 registered instructor with Yoga Alliance, a certified Yoga Therapist with the IAYT, and a Restorative Exercise Specialist in Katy Bowmans “Nutritious Movement” program.


All prices include Accommodations, Course Material & Organic Vegan Meals.
*Limited work trade/financial assistance available

Aging Gracefully: Movement is Life

This Retreat, located in the womb of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of our specialized experiences.