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March 7, 2024

Art of Breathwork Retreat

Learn stress prevention through powerful pranayama, asana, yoga nidra, forest bathing and healthy eating practices.

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Upcoming Retreat

March 22, 2024

Full Moon Gazing Retreats

A transformational retreat for connecting to Self, Community and profound Nature. Join us for this heart healing and expanding journey.

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At Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreats in California

We specialize in providing transformative experiences that educate and promote holistic well-being. Our offerings encompass a range of enriching programs bridging the wisdom of the traditional Yogic Sciences to the modern lifestyle.  We feature expert Breathwork/Pranayama Retreats designed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression as well as a variety of modern conditions including chronic pain, fatigue and PTSD.

Our Programs Stretch Far Beyond The Time Spent Here With Us

Full Moon Gazing

Experiential Knowledge

Studying scripture and concepts are very important on the Yogic path of Self-Study.  At Vedanta we go one step further to curate deeply experiential programs so that you will leave with applicable knowledge and skill to take into your daily life. Each instructor we invite is a living example of their teaching and personal transformation, which shines through in our programs.

Full Moon Gazing


The retreat setting is the Perfect Pause to activate your journey of personal transformation. What you seek is inside of you and the setting of nature has been the chosen background for deep spiritual and personal work through the ages. Our Land and Programs provide the perfect landscape and teachings to assist you in your personal Blossoming.

Full Moon Gazing

Human Connection

The Universe curates the perfect blend of individuals on each retreat. The artistic weaving of this process brings together like-minded individuals on a similar path, who continue to create meaningful relationships far beyond the retreat. Many return to Vedanta each year for spiritual rejuvenation and growth, like coming home to themselves and a reminder of what is essential: Self, Community and Nature!

Full Moon Gazing

Pristine Nature

Nature is always a co-creator on our retreats. We are nestled in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our property alone is a wild natural oasis of 240 acres of mountainous Oak Woodlands, with gorgeous landscaping and a Lavender Farm. We are a short drive to the Trail of 100 Giants:  a secluded and majestic grove of Giant Sequoia Trees offering the perfect Forest Bathing excursion.

Full Moon Gazing

Yogic Eating

Our meals are most Beloved by guests. We are primarily Vegan yet cook with nourishing Ghee. We are sure to provide highly delicious and nutritious food sourced organically. On many retreats we observe Yogic or Silent Eating; a Mindful attention and honoring of each bite, to enhance the quality and digestibility turning our food into pure Prana, or Life-Force.

Full Moon Gazing


We are proud to offer an extremely integral line-up of Master Teachers both east and west. We have a partnership with, and enjoy visiting Masters in Yoga and Ayurveda, from one of the oldest Yoga Institutes in India, Kavailadhama.  Another growing partnership is with our Board Members who have spearheaded such projects as our Lavender Farm – which is enriching our landscape, bringing beauty and diversity to the land. We look forward to forging more meaningful relationships toward the common goal of healing for self, nature and community

Bliss in Relationship

Meet Our Founders

Rooted in diverse life paths, our founders and board members collectively boast centuries of experience across various domains. United by a shared commitment to seeking truth, they embody a yogic lifestyle. Vedanta, born from their collective vision, is orchestrated to be a sanctuary—a haven where tranquility reigns, self-healing unfolds, and profound experiences and insights are cultivated. This endeavor is not merely managed; it’s nurtured with a dedication to providing a space where individuals can discover inner peace, engage in transformative self-healing, and attain profound understanding. Vedanta’s essence lies in the fusion of wisdom drawn from the varied journeys of our leaders, converging into a purposeful initiative aimed at fostering a haven for spiritual growth and well-being.

Study with Master Teachers

Vedanta proudly presents a distinguished cadre of Master Teachers, individuals with a profound mastery of Sanskrit and an extensive immersion in the wisdom contained within ancient scriptures. In their educational journey, these adept instructors not only convey knowledge but also preserve the essence of the original understanding, ensuring an authentic transmission of timeless wisdom.

Collectively, these educators have left an indelible mark on the academic landscape, having shared their expertise with over a million students. Beyond the classroom, they have contributed significantly to the scholarly domain by authoring numerous books that delve into the depth of their subjects. Furthermore, their influence extends to the highest echelons of academia, where they have served as mentors to Master’s and PhD candidates, guiding the next generation of scholars.

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  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Dr. Omanand Guruji

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Dr. Jagdish Bhutada

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Lee Majewski

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Dr. N. Ganesh Rao

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Deepak Swarup

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Kristin English

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Nayano Burdine

  • Dr. Rajani Pradhan

    Alice Kerby

Study with Teachers

Our in-house teachers bring a wealth of experience cultivated over numerous years of dedicated personal practices, fostering a profound understanding of the subjects they passionately share and teach. Immersed in daily Sadhana, their continuous spiritual practices contribute not only to their personal growth but also enhance their insightful teachings. These teachers undergo comprehensive training under the guidance of Master Teachers and Gurus, ensuring that their knowledge is deeply rooted in tradition and wisdom. The combination of their personal commitment, daily spiritual practices, and rigorous training equips them to impart not just information but a holistic and authentic understanding of the subjects they specialize in.

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What Our Guests Say

My life has definitely been transformed since learning the Breathwork retreat. I saw some changes immediately during my first retreat 18 months ago. I came to the retreat with a host of health issues:  I had insomnia and was pretty reliant on sleep aids, including sleeping pills. I suffered from IBS, having had it since I was a teenager. And I had various bad habits (like biting my nails/fingers) that had also plagued me for most of my life. While at the retreat, every one of these issues markedly improved or disappeared. I couldn’t believe it; when I got home, my family couldn’t believe it. I was so encouraged that I have kept up the breathwork daily ever since. Some people take medicine every day to maintain their mental and physical health; I just do the breathwork. It centers me, helps to quiet my racing mind, and it quells much of the low-level anxiety that was causing all those health issues. I have gone back repeatedly to Vedanta for other retreats and every time I come away with new perspectives not just on my health but also on my relationships with others. Because of the things I have learned at Vedanta, I am calmer and more forgiving, and this has really improved my relationship with my spouse, my child, my colleagues, my neighbors, with everyone. Like everything in life, you have to keep up with the practice regularly to reap the benefits. But when the benefits are so clear, it’s a no-brainer, for me, to keep doing it.

What Giselle says about Art of Breathwork

Pranayama has enabled me to understand how much unnecessary tension I’ve been carrying in my body.  It’s a defensive reaction, as if turning myself into a single piece of rock will protect me from everything in the world that might try to hurt me.  I used to be white-knuckled on flights, for example, thinking I could affect the airplane’s motion.  With the pranayama practices I’ve learned at Vedanta, I’m developing relaxation as a skill, recognizing when I tense muscles that aren’t involved in whatever I’m trying to do.  Instead of trying to fight the motion of the world around me, I’m learning to let myself be carried by it.

What Brandon says about Art of Breathwork

I recently attended Dr. Rao’s workshop in Oct 2023: Excellence in Holistic Health for Corporate Leadership. Dr. Rao is extremely knowledgeable, caring and patient. His curriculum interweaves Indian philosophy -yoga sutras and the application to effective leadership in corporate life . I have taken many courses in leadership over 25 years but this is the first time the experience has been so enriching, practical, and life changing. The environment of Vedanta is also spectacular – the highest quality lodgings, yoga facilities and food: every detail is pure perfection.

Thank you Deepak and Jocelyn for your lovely hospitality and Dr. Rao for allowing me the opportunity to learn from you. I am looking forward to my next retreat at Vedanta.

What Vicki Camilleri says about Dr. Rao's workshops

My retreat experience at Vedanta, led by Kristin and Deepak, was nothing short of extraordinary. The care and effort they invested in making us feel welcome, nourished, and supported created an atmosphere that I will forever cherish. Here are a few highlights:

Kristin’s Intuitive Guidance (5/5)
Powerful and Soothing Practices (5/5)
Nourishing Food and Conversations (5/5)
Heart-Mind Focus (5/5)

What Sanjana Krisnan says about Full Moon Retreat

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