Planning the Visit

General Retreat Schedule

*Retreat schedules always vary based on the Presenter.

Getting Here

We are 60 miles from Meadows Field Bakersfield Airport, 177 miles Los Angeles Airport, 110 miles from Fresno International Airport. We are at 3,000 feet elevation in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Things to bring

Please understand that we are very remote and plan accordingly. There is a small general store up the road with limited “camping” and general supplies.

Things to do Nearby

Things to Know

We are great animal lovers but due to health codes and the comfort of others who may have allergies, please do not bring your pets or we will have to ask you to leave. If you have a true working service dog, please call us in advance to discuss.

Vedanta is a drug, alcohol and plant medicine free zone. We provide a high vibrational atmosphere to do deep conscious work. We understand that others may use plants in this way and respect everyone’s personal philosophies. We simply ask that you respect ours as well.

We are a vegetarian establishment and serve delicious and nutritious organic vegetarian meals. Please do not bring any meat or eggs onto the premises. We do not have excess storage for foods, so please do not bring any food without discussing with us first (this pertains to leftovers as well). *IF you have any major food allergies please contact us ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We are attempting to be an Eco-Retreat center and to live in conscious collaboration with our earth. Please use the heating and cooling system consciously. Turn them off during the day while you are in classes or out and about. Please turn lights off when not in use. We also ask that you preserve your water use.

Our retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and unplug from the noise and electronic activities of modern life. This is an opportunity to tune into the natural circadian rhythms that help to re-balance and promote rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. We have a landline phone that you can give to any loved ones and use as needed.

We are building community and want to collaborate with you. If you are interested in living in nature and sharing in this way please check out our opportunities under the “about us” tab.

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