Principles Of Ayurveda

For Yoga Teachers

Both yoga and ayurveda spring from the common ground of Samkhya philosophy. The goal of both is to eradicate pain and misery. This is an online course on the Principles of Ayurveda, mainly for yoga teachers.


100 video lessons, by experienced ayurvedic doctors, structured into sections and chapters.


Curated links to explore more information from various sources, and in-course discussions.


Ten assignments to capure and retain what you have learnt in this online course.

Course Content

  • Welcome to the course!
    • History of Ayurveda
    • Lineage of Ayurveda
    • Eight branches of Ayurveda
    • Concept of creation
    • Purusharthas
    • Assignment 1
  • Ayurveda – Introduction, History & Branches
    • History of Ayurveda
    • Lineage of Ayurveda
    • Eight branches of Ayurveda
    • Concept of creation
    • Purusharthas
    • Assignment 1
  • Padartha Vigyan
    • Padartha – definition and components
    • Dravya
    • Guna
    • Karma
    • Samanya, Vishesha
    • Assignment 2
  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda
    • Health according to Ayurveda
    • Tridoshas -Vata
    • Tridoshas – Pitta, Kapha.
    • Agni
    • Dhatu
    • Saar
    • Rasa / Rakta / Mansa
    • Meda / Asthi / Majja
    • Shukra / Ojas
    • Mala / Kha-mala
    • Vitiation of Vata
    • Vitiation of Pitta
    • Vitiation of Kapha
    • Assignment 3
  • Swasthavritta - Basics of healthy living
    • Traya Upasthamba – 3 pillars
    • Ahara 1
    • Ahara 2
    • Ahara 3
    • Viruddhahara
    • Nidra
    • Shada Rasa
    • Brahmacharya
    • Transformation of Food
    • Food preparation
    • Vipaka
    • Virya
    • Triguna
    • Dinacharya
    • Rutucharya
    • Grishma Varsha Sharad
    • Rutusandhi
    • Natural urges
    • Sadvritta
    • Assignment 4
  • Ayurveda - Anatomy and Physiology
    • Introduction to Anatomy
    • Ashaya
    • Koshtha
    • Asthi Sharira
    • Peshi Sharira
    • Sandhi Sharira
    • Kala Sharira
    • Marma
    • Strotas 1
    • Strotas 2
    • Strotas 3
    • Strotas 4
    • Saarata 1
    • Saarata 2
    • Assignment 5

Ayurveda Course Teachers

Dr. Sachin Jadhav

Post Graduate, Ayurveda

Vaidya (Dr) Sajith Pillai (BAMS)

Practitioner and Ayurvedic Consultant

Additional Learning Track

Online learning – Concepts, Principles, Applications

  • Part 1 – Introduction & History of Ayurveda Maulik sidhant – Fundamental principles of Ayurveda & Padartha Vigyan Swasthavritta & Yog
  • Part 2 – Sharir Rachana & Kriya Vigyan (Anatomy & Physiology) Kayachikitsa – Disease & its manifestation
  • Part 3 – Ayurvedic diagnostic methods & techniques Basic knowledge of Local & Panchakarma Therapy
  • Part 4 – Dravyaguna vigyan- Knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs Bhaishajya Kalpana – Ayurveda Methods of preparation of medicine.
  • Part 5 – Ayurveda and the Mind.
  • Part 6 – Interviews and talks with Ayurveda doctors. Ten Assignments to complete. Certificate of completion awarded.

Ayurveda Course Reviews

I am thoroughly enjoying the online Ayurveda Course being conducted by Dr. Sachin and Dr. Nutan. Both of them are very knowledgeable with years of experience in their fields. They help the students by answering all their questions and keep updating the current course contents with new information which helps students to always learn new things regarding the subject. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Neeru Parashar

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers” Five Star! *****.
The Doctors/ teachers, Dr. Sachin Jadhav and Dr. Nutun Pakhare, both were excellent, knowledgeable and supportive. The course structure and videos were easy to follow and very in-depth. I came away feeling that I found exactly what i was looking for, a rich ayurvedic history, from a online course, taught by serious Ayurvedic Doctors, Also, the fact that i can keep the course for several years for future study makes it even more worth the money, i just can’t say enough great things about this course and the most excellent Doctors! Thank you so much and i can’t wait to visit soon!!

Michelle Cummins
Texas, USA

This course is smartly designed to learn Ayurveda both for beginners and health/wellness experts as every chapter is build with basic frameworks then it gives full information topic by topic. it took more then 5 months for me to complete a first cycle(and i am repeating again) and i really enjoyed detailed explanation in video lectures, helpful reading resources, interactive communication with teachers and assignments that encouraged me to study more in depth. I felt like walking up the stairs with solid understanding and trust. I highly recommend this course and looking forward to follow Ayurveda level 2 in near future!

Susie Moon


Ayurveda theory takes time and its online. So although you can get your certification after studying for a few months, you will have access to the content for 1 year. If after 1 year you still need access then write to us and we will extend it for a small fee.


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