Opportunities with Us

Job and Volunteer Opportunities on Beautiful Land in the Sierra Nevada Foothills Please note we are a Vegetarian, Drug and Intoxicant free Community.

Live-On-Site Property
Caretaker Opportunity

You will live on the land and take care of her needs. You will be responsible for: handyman projects, irrigation needs, landscaping, gardening and other small construction projects.
Combining the On Site Caretaker and Housekeeping Opp’s would also be perfect for a couple looking to live in nature and be a part of a community.

Housekeeper Opportunity

Our luxury Boutique Retreat is a work of art and we invite you to bring joy and creativity to this opportunity. If the ideas below resonate with you, please contact us for House Keeping Opportunity. We would love to have you join our amazing Team!

  • You are dependable and live in integrity
  • You have standards for yourself and others
  • You enjoy and are proud of your work
  • You enjoy working with a team that is flexible, fun and inspiring
  • You are available to work weekly
  • You want to work where you are appreciated and recognized for going above and beyond
  • You want a consistent long term opportunity
  • You believe a clean home makes a difference in people's lives
  • You do what you say you are going to do and expect others to do the same
  • You enjoy having fun and have a positive view on life
  • You enjoy natural way of being and living
  • You live a life free of addictions to substances
  • You don’t like to judge others and you don’t like to be judged
  • You enjoy harmonious and peaceful atmosphere
  • You are happy to be compensated for the travel time

Volunteering Opportunity

We have short-term opportunities for a minimum of 4 weeks including: organic farming, perma- culture opportunities, landscaping, mural painting, creative projects and small construction projects and more. Contact us if you are interested.

Volunteering is an opportunity to live within nature and help grow an intentional and spiritually minded community. In exchange you will be provided an accommodation or camping site, meals, morning yoga and pranayama practice and use of our beautiful land. We will require 30 hours of work per week leaving plenty of time to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the Sierra Nevada. Everyone in the household participates in kitchen activities and cleans up after themselves. Sometimes meals are prepared for the group and sometimes individuals prepare their own food. A quality vegetarian/vegan diet with cooked and raw food is provided. If you have special dietary needs you should explain these in your response to this profile. * Nearby things to do: The Majestic Trail of 100 Giants and Dome Rock are within a 40 minutes drive. Sequoia National Park is within two hours drive. In our immediate neighborhood are natural hot springs, a hot springs facilities, rivers, hiking, camping, swimming, running, and bicycling are available year round. *We are open to co-creating an experience that you are working to manifest for yourself.

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