Love & Relationship: Healing Energies Of Tantra

Techniques for Improving Your Relationships, Individual and Couples Counselling By Dr. Omanand Guruji

7 days / 6 nights

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Introduction & Objective

Rekindle Love and Harmony:

Experience the Transformative Power of Counseling Retreat

In the tapestry of life, we all yearn for the profound essence of true happiness, love that binds, and an everlasting sense of bliss. These desires are woven into the very fabric of our beings, driving us to seek deeper connections with ourselves and those we hold dear. At this Retreat, we invite you to embark on a journey of rediscovery, where the fragrant blossoms of love and inner connections are nurtured and cultivated.

Embark on a journey of emotional reconnection and healing at our transformative Individual and Couples Counseling Retreat. Guided by the wisdom of Dr. Omanand Guruji, this sanctuary is where individual and couples counseling seamlessly merge with ancient practices of Tantra, Meditation, and Oneness.

Embrace The Fragrance Of Love And Inner Connections

Here, the fragrant blossoms of love are nurtured, inner connections flourish, and relationships find a harmonious balance. Let go of suffering, embrace love, and uncover the tools to nurture relationships under the guidance of a lineage that spans thousands of years. Delve into an atmosphere of acceptance, growth, and emotional rekindling. Step into the serenity of our retreat and rediscover the profound essence of love.

Embracing A Journey Of Transformation

Life’s journey is richer when shared with a partner, yet challenges and complexities can sometimes obscure the path to harmony. Our retreat offers a sanctuary where relationships are nourished, rejuvenated, and transformed. Through a seamless blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary practices, we guide you towards a profound understanding of love’s true essence.

What To Expect?

In the presence of great mountains, and serene nature, the Master opens your experience for which human relationships strive to accomplish.
  • Understanding the difference between Ordinary Love and Blissful Love
  • Blissful love derives from ancient Yogic, tantra and meditation techniques.
  • How to apply these benefits in our daily lives?
  • How to live a unique lifestyle for wellness and balanced life?
  • Talks on the science of the heart and understanding its electromagnetic field
  • Long mindful walks through the oaks and rolling hills
  • Learn these techniques, methods and depth of Blissful love.
  • In this workshop one can experience removal of the blockages, obstacles and challenges in relationships and rediscover the pure self.
  • Improves: relationships, harmony, peace, love and affection with self and other.
  • Reduces: Sufferings, Weakness, false ego, frustrations, aversion, and false attachments.
  • Ancient techniques of Tantra, Meditation and Oneness. Opening the Heart Chakra and inner powers to balance and cultivate maximum in the relationship.
  • Vegetarian meals for inner purification

Very Special:

  • Practical & Experience Five Energies/Elements Bath
  • Practical & Experience detoxification of Chakras through ocean touch feeling.
  • Practical & Experience: Shakti-Paat-Transformation of energy
  • Personal consultation with Guruji to seek solutions to your personal challenges/problems
  • Receiving Yogini name according to your horoscope/true life/ true nature for higher journey.
  • Receiving personal Meditation technique with personal mantra for inner awakening and realisation.

Certificate is provided, Optional: Yoga Alliance, Continue Education credits

Question & Answers: Participants can ask questions

Open for all levels: Please contact to discuss

About Dr Omanand Guruji

Dr. Omanand Guruji is often called as a born Yogi with various virtues. His teachings come from the heart not from the head. Often students felt his presence itself brings compassion, pure love, peace, serenity and bliss.

For over 46 years he has been sharing the wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Shakti, Chakras and The Knowledge for the wellness of mankind, world over.

His students came to the Ashram from 98 countries. He travelled to 66 countries. He has authored 65 books, and knows 6 languages.

He has received numerous Awards and is E-RYT, C-IAYT, M.Com. M.Phil. PhD in Yoga & Meditation. He is Chairman of Parmanand University Trust, a non profit organisation a Leading accredited Yoga Institute.

A 200 bed Yoga Therapy hospital and research centre is upcoming in Ujjain, India under his patronage.


All prices include Accommodations, Course Material & Organic Vegetarian Meals.
*Limited work trade/financial assistance available

Love & Relationship: Healing Energies Of Tantra

This Retreat, located in the womb of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of our specialized experiences.