Calm, Resilient & Wild: Stop The Cycle Of Stress & Gain Mastery Of Your Mental Health

4 days and 3 nights

Introduction To Somatic Healing. Calm Yourself In Stressful Situations. Healing Deeper Levels Of Trauma And Chronic Stress.

An emotionally soothing workshop that gives you the chance to experience yourself moving peacefully through your daily life.

If you are living with ongoing anxiety, depression, trauma, or stress– you may feel like it will never get better. You have probably tried therapy, books, and other modalities to heal. You may be at a point of accepting that this is as good as life gets. I was at a point five years ago where anxiety and insomnia ruled my days and nights, and I was losing hope that things would ever get better. What changed everything? Learning how to work with my nervous system.

Think of the last time you were cozy, safe, calm, and full of faith in your own life journey.

You can feel this way again! Join me for an adventure into your own nervous system, a new approach to healing and living a calmer life. My work is all about unlocking the secrets of your nervous system so you respond differently to stress and feel more content in your daily life.

In this three-day experience, you will learn practical skills to stop racing thoughts, come into your body, and begin to trust your innate wisdom.

Join Dr. Alice Kerby for an exploration of your nervous system. In this three-day experience, you will learn practical skills to stop racing thoughts, feel more present in your body, and begin to trust your innate wisdom. This program includes gentle movement and creative expression, guided practices to restore your system to a place of calm, and practical information to satisfy your intelligent cognitive mind. You will leave with a greater understanding of how to pause before responding, listen to your gut, and be assertive in a healthy way.

This retreat will include gentle movement and guided practices to calm the nervous system and connect you to your body. We will cover foundational information about how your nervous system works and stores both trauma and stress, and how we can heal them! We play with animal imagery and how to connect to the “wild” part of yourself in an exploration of healthy assertion and boundaries.

Class Overview

Dr. Alice is a formerly highly stressed insomniac who discovered Somatic Experiencing techniques when she thought there was no hope for change. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a “bottom up” modality, created by Dr Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger, that works with healing deeper levels of trauma and chronic stress from a physical and subconscious level. Our workshop will provide an introduction to somatic techniques that leave you feeling calmer and more connected to your body so you respond to life from a place of your essential self.

Dr Alice holds a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Recovery Coach. She brings decades of experience to her work, and provides a fun and safe environment for you to heal and relax.

Course Includes

  • Gentle movement that unlocks your body’s ability to find peace via your nervous system
  • Guided soothing practices to calm your nervous system, regardless of outside circumstances, that you can use during a stressful moment
  • A deep understanding of how your nervous system works and stores trauma so that you can release trauma and find peace even if your circumstance will take time to change
  • Easy to access tools that you can use in a stressful moment that help you set boundaries and say no without guilt

This emotionally soothing experience invites you to access the inner workings of your nervous system, providing you with profound internal change in a short period of time.

Your Benefits

Past participants have consistently said, “I feel so good after this. I feel better. Calmer yet energized. I feel whole”
  • Gain practical tools you can use right away to calm yourself in stressful situations
  • Begin building resilience into your system so you can handle more of what life throws at you with less reactivity
  • Understand the personal boundaries that will bring you joy
  • Find ways of holding personal boundaries without feeling guilty
  • Feel more present in your body as you move through the day instead of captured by anxiety or panic
  • Have trust in yourself and understand how to develop coping skills that support you to be joyful on a daily basis
  • Feel alive and present and finally release distraction because you are worried or anxious
  • Our workshop provides a safe and creative container for you to explore these techniques with an expert guide.

Meet The Teachers

Dr. Alice Kerby

Dr. Alice Kerby specializes in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy and Resiliency Coaching. She holds a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is an expert in movement and working with the nervous system and body to unwind past patterns of trauma and chronic stress. Dr Alice helps her clients and students to gently touch into past trauma patterns that are stored in the body. This leads to restored resiliency in the nervous system, offering a greater ability to make choices from a place of one’s essential self. As a sober woman, she is passionate about bringing these tools to women in recovery to facilitate an engaged life that is hallmarked by ease. She is a teacher, clinician, freelance writer, lover of nature, and adventurer living in San Diego, California.

She is an avid outdoors woman and adventurer, and is the creator and founder of The Sober Girls Hiking and Adventure Club. Her work and presentations have been featured at The YogaVille Ashram, The Huffington Post, She Recovers, the annual Women for Sobriety Conference, The Amazon Corporation and The Holistic Immunity Summit.
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All prices include Accommodations, Course Material & Organic Vegetarian Meals. *Limited work trade/financial assistance available

Calm, Resilient & Wild: Stop The Cycle Of Stress & Gain Mastery Of Your Mental Health

This Retreat, located in the womb of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of our specialized experiences.