A Foundation Course in Traditional Yoga

अथ योगानुशासनम्॥१॥
atha yogānuśāsanam||1|
Let us now begin the practice of yoga

– Patanajali Yogasutra I.1

Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat is honored to announce its collaboration with one of the oldest Yoga institutes in India, and first Yoga colleges in the world. Kaivalyadhama has kept great integrity and purity in developing its work in the ancient Sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda since 1924. It has strived to study, share and teach Yoga as it was taught in the ancient world by Patanjali and his predecessors.

Learn ancient traditional Yoga, in its most undiluted and purest form from the masters at Kaivalyadhama – one of the oldest Yoga Institutes in the world. Experience a one of its kind self-paced online course which goes beyond the various contemporary interpretations of Yoga and lays the foundation for your exploration into the study of Yoga.

Designed and executed by the finest and most experienced Yoga teachers, this exclusive online learning experience has been further combined with a flexible one-week onsite program that offers a certification from the renowned Indian Yoga Association (IYA).

By way of a simple, clear, but multi-dimensional approach, this beginner-level course covers fundamental teachings of the age-old wisdom of traditional Yoga. The different sessions spread over 15 hours explore textual, contemporary, and experiential study of Yoga’s history, types, philosophy, spirituality, scientific aspects, and application. It follows a holistic integration of theory, chanting, and practice (including postures & breathing) into a unique online and onsite learning model. Sthāpanā lays the foundation for an in-depth inquiry into the rational and intellectual dimensions of traditional Yoga for bodily fitness, immunity, mental well-being, and self-discovery.

What will you Learn?

Course Details

Medium of Communication: English

Course Format: 30 sessions of around 30 minutes each

Duration: Self-paced with 3 Month Access. Start anytime and learn at your convenience

Eligibility: The course is open to all. No prior knowledge of Yoga or Sanskrit is required. Must – do for all those interested in learning, studying, or knowing more about traditional and contemporary forms of Yoga.


  • Engaging online video content
  • One week On site training at different locations after completion of online module
  • Assessment and certification on completion by Kaivalyadhama
  • Eligible for Indian Yoga Association Certification after completion of ONSITE module

Price/Cost: $56


3 Months Access

Yoga theory takes time and its online. Thus you will have access to the content for 3 months. If after 3 months you still need access then write to us and we will extend it for a small fee.

$ 42
  • Foundation Course
  • Pay in USD
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