Traditional Yoga Teacher

2500 Hour Multi-Level Course for Teaching Traditional Yoga (TYT 2500)

Dates: New Dates for 2024 coming soon

Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat is honored to announce its collaboration with one of the oldest Yoga institutes in India, and first Yoga colleges in the world. Kaivalyadhama has kept great integrity and purity in developing its work in the ancient Sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda since 1924. It has strived to study, share and teach Yoga as it was taught in the ancient world by Patanjali and his predecessors.

In the west, the popularity of Yoga has soared over the last two decades, giving rise to an industry of Yoga Instructors and Practitioners. Yoga has even become a part of the western medical system’s dialogue about helping to heal the epidemic of diseases that we currently suffer from in the modern world. Due to this and other factors, Yoga is spreading into vast populations and the need for more advanced Instructors is upon us. This 2500 hour “Traditional Yoga Teacher” program (2500TYT) is an opportunity to live and learn these Yogic Sciences in an integral way. To be a guide on the path of Yoga one must first walk the path of Yoga oneself.

For as the Geeta’s wisdom reminds “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self”.

Therefor this training is not only for the earnest new teacher looking for a comprehensive Yoga training, but it is also very much for the pre-existing Instructor who feels the calling to dive much deeper into themselves and this highly intelligent system. The training is broken into 4 separate levels consisting of both on-line and on-site study, with time for self-study & practice in between. It is designed as a self-paced platform to meet personal time requirements. Until now, all on-site learning was offered in India. We are now offering Level 1 through 3 on-site at Vedanta Spiritual and Holistic Retreat, with visiting Kaivalyadhama teachers, for those who would like to do training in the USA. We are most excited to participate in and offer this Knowledge of the Science of Yoga here on our land at this time. We look forward to supporting you on your blessed journey.

Key Highlights of the Course

Developed and offered by Kaivalyadhama, located in India, which is one of the oldest Yoga institutes in the world and the first Yoga college globally.

This course brings the best of over 96 years of traditional Yoga research and education from India in an authentic and undiluted form.

We blend both online and on-site learning, allowing for an appropriate self-paced program, ensuring quality experiential learning.

Taught by internationally acclaimed and Master teachers of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Course Levels​

Meet the Teachers


Level One A
$ 200
  • Introductory Offer
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Level One B
$ 3900
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Pay in USD
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Both Level One A & B
$ 3900
  • Special Offer
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