The Healing Energy of Yoga (HEY)

BY Dr. Omanand Guruji

Dates: 28th May to 4th June 2022 


In the modern world so many people are suffering. Burdened with tremendous pressure, competition, stress, anxiety, fear, insecurity, separation as well as a myriad of other challenges, one can find themselves feeling lost or unfulfilled.

The Healing Energy of Yoga techniques (HEY) are designed to enhance the life with improved health, wellness, happiness, peace, balance and over all harmony. HEY techniques are designed to help utilize healing energies which remove physical, mental, emotional, and social imbalances, leading to great rejuvenation for the Body, Mind, Spirit and for Society.

You will learn, through study and practice, various techniques of HEY to harness the optimal bliss available to you in your life. After successfully integrating these techniques for yourself, you bring this harmony through your life and into your relationships.


Heal yourself with your own innate Healing Energy, learned through mastered Yogic techniques. Create a healthy, balanced, happy life.

Course Objective

Wisdom and Life Tools


HEY course is NOT:

  • a general Yoga Asana class
  • a physical Yoga exercises session
  • a Yoga show or physical fitness program

This program suitable for

  • All levels above 18 years
  • Most persons but not with any serious diseases
    *Please contact to discuss
  • Yoga practitioners
  • Yoga teachers
  • Healers
  • Health professionals
  • Psychological Professionals


  • Introductory level: 1 week (50 hours)
  • HEY Teachers Training certification: 2 weeks (100 hrs)

The Introductory program provides:

  1. An introduction to Healing Energy of Yoga techniques (HEY)
  2. An understanding of the system of HEY
  3. Tools for practicing, activating, and mastering these techniques
  4. Systematic guidance for awakening the HEY
  5. Assistance and clarification on any doubts or questions regarding these techniques
  6. An introductory level for healing one’s own life and beginning the path toward mastery. *Afterward you may also study to become HEY teachers to share wellness of the self with mankind.

What to take away from the HEY course

In our modern era of heavy stress, tension, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and challenges, HEY has tremendous potential to provide health, wellness and success in human life. One must first learn, practice, and understand the guided path and techniques to reap the fruits of HEY and afterward study further to become a guide of these techniques.

Some of the following benefits from HEY:

  1. Learn techniques for total wellness
  2. Learn techniques for freedom from stress, tension and anxiety
  3. Realise the true healing powers of Yoga techniques
  4. Remove the dis-ease and attain the at-ease
  5. Purify and detox the mind, body, senses, and emotions
  6. Improve relationships and social harmony
  7. Increase memory, concentration, confidence, clarity, etc.
  8. Decrease weakness, suffering, pain, sorrow, stress, tension, fear, anxiety, etc.

Levels of Learnings HEY

  • Suitable for all above 18 years of age.
  • Should not suffer from any severe ailments.
  • Duration 1 week (50 hours)
  • Certificate is provided upon completion.

Teachers for Healing Energy of Yoga (THEY): This Certificate will be provided by Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, which enables you to bring these teachings to HEY aspirants, after successful completion of the course.

  • Duration: 2 weeks (100 hours)
  • Prequalification requirement: Certificate of HEY (50 hrs)


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