New Year's The Art of Breathwork for Wellness and Stress Reduction

Dates: 29th December 2023 to 1st January 2024 | Duration: 4days / 3 nights

Examine and reduce modern stressors that lead to the everyday anxiety, fear and depression

Welcome to The Art of Breathwork for Wellness and Stress Reduction. This weekend retreat will be a deep dive into the universe of your breath and its potential for positively affecting your health and longevity. We often take our breathing for granted and many of us are not maximizing the many potentials of the breath. In fact, there are many of us who are unaware of breathing patterns that are supporting more anxiety, and stress patterns in the body.

Pranyama is a mature step on the Yogic path taking us into the subtler energies, or the pranic layer of our experience. We will practice one series of breaths, twice daily, so that you are proficient with this skill, gaining the ability to create a home practice by the programs end.

We will also examine modern stressors that lead to the everyday anxiety, fear and depression that co-create our epidemic of chronic conditions.

We will offer various tools to enable us to take charge of, and greatly reduce, the stress effect in our life; pranayama, yoga asana, yoga nidra, healthy eating and lifestyle and forest bathing. This time together will offer great rejuvenation and healing for your nervous system.

There will be ample time to connect to nature as we take walks through our rolling hills, visit a beautiful Sequoia grove, enjoy a soak at the hot springs as well as simple leisure time to let your body rest and repair.

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