Kundalini Tantra- "Forming sacred relationship"(KT)

BY Dr. Omanand Guruji

Dates: 19th to 26th May 2022 

What is the difference between Tantra and Kundalini?

The goal of both Tantra and Kundalini Yoga is to awaken kundalini shakti. Both schools are based on Shaktism, in which Divine Mother is The Supreme.The human body is considered as a living temple with a repository of infinite Shakti. This infinite energy mostly is dormant in the form of Kundalini Shakti. Both schools accept manifestation in totality full of beauty, joy and divine.

Due to ignorance and bondage, one does not experience the Kundalini Shakti. There are techniques gifted to mankind in Hatha Yoga through which one can awaken the Kundalini Shakti. It is advisable to take proper guidance from an adept master, who knows the subject thoroughly. The tools which help awakening the Kundalini Shakti range from Yogic Kriyas, Asana, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mantra, Mudras, Meditation, and other methods. Our body is highly suitable to experience the dormant Shakti. Our body is a divine temple with immense hidden powers.

Kundalini in the form of a serpent hiding near muladhara chakra. Due to dullness in the fire, it is lying dormant and not active. Layers of ashes cover this Shakti. Systemic techniques, accuracy, and methods help in awakening the Shakti. It starts awakening and radiating. After awakening it eats away laziness, sloth, ignorance, hopelessness, and other darkness of life. This leads to spiritual awakening.

Apart from spiritual awakening, one attains powers, strengths and wellness on physical, mental, emotional and social levels. All systems of the body start functioning in a better and balanced way. This process makes a person more and more energetic and increases stamina. One needs to surrender with love, devotion, and trust to receive the blessings of Kundalini Shakti, which is the divine Mother. Once a person receives the powers of Kundalini Shakti both victory and love increase.

Unlike the practitioners of kundalini yoga, tantrics are gentle. They attempt to awaken kundalini shakti like a hungry baby lovingly attempts to awaken its mother. Thus, the distinction between kundalini yoga and tantric yoga is that the former is more physical, vigorous, gross, technical, and has no component of love and devotion, while the latter is more spiritual, gentle, and subtle, and is always accompanied by love and devotion. In hatha-based kundalini yoga there is a sense of victory; in tantra yoga there is a sense of surrender.

Course Objective



Levels of Learnings KT

KT is filled with traditional ancient techniques, as well as scientific and spiritual practices.
It is divided into four different levels:

– This level is for acquiring basic knowledge of KT and for personal growth only (not for teaching others).
– Upon successful completion of this level, a certificate is awarded: ‘Kundalini-Tantra Practitioner Bronze Level 1’

– One must complete level 1 and have a dedicated Yoga practice.
– This level is for acquiring mid-level KT knowledge, tools, and practices.
– Upon successful completion of this intermediate level, a certificate is awarded:
– ‘Kundalini-Tantra Practitioner Silver Level 2’

– One must complete levels 1 & 2 and have a dedicated Yoga practice.
– In this level practitioners acquire advanced KT tools for self-practices as well as guiding others (with some limitations).
– Upon successful completion of Advance Level, a certificate is awarded:
– ‘Kundalini-Tantra Advance practitioner Gold Level 3’

– This advanced training course is for pre-qualified levels to increase their awareness, balance the energies and emotions in order to become a KT teacher.
– In this level practitioners acquire advanced KT tools for self-practices as well as teaching or guiding others. You will learn; to guide individual or group sessions in holistic teaching and coaching, important teaching methodologies for guiding others in this transformational knowledge, to share through proper ethics, as well as gain profound communication and organizational skills required for effective transmission.
– In advance training you will become proficient at guiding and assisting others in unlocking their potentials, self-love, awareness, and bliss.
– Upon successful completion of KT Facilitator a certificate is awarded:
– ‘Kundalini Tantra Facilitator

KT course is NOT:

  • a sect, cult or religion following.
  • an ordinary Yoga course (there will be no Asana practices/classes).
  • a sex training course – no nudity or sexual practices will be performed during classes.


  • KT training is an invitation to learn, practice, explore, and realise the power within the thousands of years old knowledge of Kundalini and Tantra.
  • KT training is an exploration, transformation, and journey of the Self from:
  • suffering to bliss, known to unknown, ordinary to extraordinary, darkness to the light, weakness to strength.
  • KT is structured to transform theory into practical. KT challenges, compels, and encourages the process of transformation through deep practices.


  • KT is based in ancient knowledge of Kundalini and Tantra which require practitioners to have proper understanding, trust, knowledge, and practices (received in pure presence) in order to attain the desired results.
  • KT is a time-tested wisdom to be learned and practiced with open mindedness.
  • KT is a combination of ancient and traditional knowledge, using modern scientific approaches.
  • KT blends practices transforming the mundane into the Alchemy of Life, creating a harmonious and rhythmic existence.
  • KT is for health and wellness of body, mind, soul, and inner healing.


  • KT helps in releasing toxins, blockages, and knots on mental, emotional, and physical levels.
  • KT enhances harmony, relationship, vital energy, love with purity, capacity, pleasure, joy, confidence, fulfilment, acceptance and balance in life.

About Dr Omanand Guruji

Dr. Omanand (Guruji) is one of the chief disciples of HH Yugpurush Mahamandleshwar Swami Shree Paramanand Giriji Maharaj.

Dr. Omanand (Guruji), was born in Kanpur, India near holy river Ganges. ‘Vyayamshala’, a 129 years old Yoga School in Ujjain, was his first learning ground. During childhood instead of playing with children he would either meditate in temples or waters of river Kshipra for hours.

He knows 6 languages, has travelled to 59 countries; and his students, successful Yoga teachers, come from 72 countries.

Currently 38 students conduct their research Doctorate degree under his supervision. He guides from small to large gatherings. He has written 29 books, and numerous DVDs, articles published. He has appeared on various TVs and radios. Guruji served as a President of the Hindu University of America, FL, USA, is an inspirer of proposed Paramanand Yoga University.

When he was just 8 years old he met Gurudev Mahamandleshwar Swamiji Paramanandgiriji. Gurudev gave him Spiritual Yogi name Omanand on March 30th, 2010 after the Royal bath in Haridwar Kumbh Mela. To spread the Yogic knowledge to the world, he was ordained as VidvatSanyas blessings by Gurudev on July 17th, 2012 in Indore Ashram. His name has two words. ‘Om’ means Sound of Existence, Supreme Consciousness or Soundless Sound, and ‘Ananad’ means The Bliss (Anand is the only word in the dictionary which has no opposite word). This name transformed his life. He says we all are an integral and inseparable part of The Supreme Consciousness. We all should seek to reveal ourselves this Oneness (connection/union/Yoga).Now, he offers his seva (selfless service) in the Ashram in Indore, along with his wife. The vision is to help the seekers, society and mankind on their righteous path.

Guruji is a merit holder throughout his education and is honoured with various awards. He is a scholar, who has studied and realized various ancient Yoga scriptures. He was awarded Doctorate of Yoga and Meditation from the Hindu University of America, USA. He often says that his own life/body is a laboratory; first he experiments then teach others. His teachings come from the heart not from the head. Saying The Truth does not need preparation and nothing will be forgotten. His messages ‘Be present and be Blissful’.

He is Karma Yogi, many people visit him with pains, and sorrows. They experience healing and transformation of lives after his healing through Yogic techniques. His unique techniques Chidshakti Jagran Prakriya and Consciousness Power Awakening are healing many. Once he guided a gathering of 200,000 people. Participants experience beyond the body, Trans and glimpses of The True Self.Ordinary to high profile politicians, businessmen, professionals are benefited from his teachings.

Guruji lives a simple life, full of compassion and divine love. His in-depth true knowledge benefits all seekers. Under his guidance, one easily experiences beautification and purification of body, mind, intellect, brain and soul. When one meets him with a pure heart, they will feel delighted, peaceful and release blockages and toxins from their lives.

This program is suitable for

  1. Common persons in general good health (please contact to discuss)
  2. Yoga practitioners
  3. Healers
  4. Health professionals
  5. Psychological Professionals


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