Full Moon Gazing: Recalibrating the Heart

This Retreat, located in the womb of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of our specialized experiences.

De-stress upon arrival; connecting to the nature’s rhythms, inside & out.
Experience Emotional Healing and Embodiment through expertly curated workshops

A Heart Opening and Embodiment Retreat for Emotional Healing

De-stress; connecting to nature's rhythms, inside & out. Experience Emotional Healing & Embodiment in expertly curated workshops. Rejuvenate!
Experience Emotional Healing
Forest Bathing in Sequoias

Our retreat is designed for those seeking to re-connect with or deepen the connection to themselves while awakening to the language of their body’s life-force. From the moment you arrive you will begin a process of de-stressing by placing your feet on the earth, becoming aware of the wind on your body, the sun on your face and the song of the river and birds in your ears. Each moment is intentional and curated to harness the emotional healing balm that is the true experience of the moment.  

Your choice to take a pause in this pristine nature and to join this thoughtful program will have a soothing effect lasting far beyond the weekend.

Expertly crafted workshops will enrich your journey as you are guided into emotional healing and embodiment through experiential learning. You are introduced to both ancient Yogic Sciences as well as Modern Scientific breakthroughs that will deepen your understanding of how to co-create the empowered and heart centered life you are seeking here on our beautiful Earth. 

Enjoy 240 Acres of Oak Woodlands, Silence in the Seqouia’s and Bare Feet in the Rivers:
Let nature bring you into Embodiment!

Our Heart’s electromagnetic energy field is more expansive than even the human brain. This field naturally radiates six feet beyond our physical body and has the capacity to influence the fields around us, including those of other humans. The Heart has a very special and significant influence on the body and mind, down to the cellular level. Modern science has proven a powerful link between the neurons of the heart and mind that is life changing. In this retreat, you will Dive Deep into the Science of the Heart and Experience practices to awaken you to your ability to emotionally heal, influence and shift your state of being. Embodiment is key to balance and health. We will learn many tools for this aim. This will not only increase your electromagnetic field of good vibes but also awaken you to the language of your body’s life force.

Pause and Remember Who You Are

In the modern world, our sedentary lifestyle promotes stagnation and improper function of our bodies. Even if we exercise an hour a day we are considered “active sedentary”.  This leads to unhealthy physical, mental, and emotional patterns.  Busied and distracted by our life’s duties, we can disconnect from the core of who we are and forget our joy here on Earth. Combined, these factors have a daily effect on our body’s electromagnetic field, leading to poor quality of health, dysfunction in relationship, and the epidemic of dis-ease we collectively now face.  Your guide Kristin English combines years of experience in various modalities to help support and guide you toward simple and profound truths. She believes in and shares nature and movement as the a holistic medicine for creating presence, learning to be in the moment, as well as a potential cure/preventative medicine for many physical, mental emotional issues. The retreat process is what she refers to as “the Perfect Pause” where time and silence allow us to listen inward, accessing the answers and wisdom inside of each of us.  It is possible to for us to learn to re-establish emotional balance, clarity, and peace. We can gain skills and make choices to balance the electromagnetic field within our body and restore our health, outlook, and experience of our lives.  Join Full Moon Gazing to Move into a taste of this Wholeness.  Are you ready to remember?

You will experience Re-Calibrating the Heart and Emotional Healing through:

  • A 3 hour “Heart Opening through Embodiment” Workshop: We hear a lot about “Heart Opening” in Yoga and Wellness circles and a lot of it can feel ephemeral. This workshop aims to take this important subject into an experience that might be more lasting.  We will share new scientific discoveries and understandings of our Heart and its Field.  Within this we will enjoy refinement around a wonderful breathing technique that you will receive prior to arrival.  We will discuss the heart, as we ponder what it means to each of us and share with one another to allow our own hearts to soften. Introducing physical Bio-Mechanics will help us to consider and learn about the postural, as well as emotional, expressions of our-selves that help the “heart space” to literally cave or shut down as we age. And alas we will learn movements that create strength, both physically and emotionally to practically learn to keep our physical and subtle hearts more “Open”.
  • A 3 hour “Journey through the Koshas” Workshop: This is an energetic process where you experientially learn about these 5 Koshas, or 5 states of our Being, from the ancient yogic sciences. This workshop is incredibly informative and relaxing as it combines restorative yoga, various self-massage techniques to rejuvenate the body down to the cellular level, as well as Yoga Nidra and Sound Therapy to go into the most subtle experience of ourselves.
  • A Fire Ceremony to release into the collective cauldron of this time, and time passed, what you are ready to shed from your personal life.
  • A Moon Water ceremony to connect to new excited layers of this vital element and imbibe and bring in new nourishment that you can do anytime in your daily life.
  • 3 Gazing Exercises: Tratak/Fire Gazing, Full Moon Gazing and Soul Gazing
  • Sound Therapy & Yoga Nidra
  • Forest Bathing Excursion – Combining Mindful Natural Movement, tea or cacao ceremony and a gazing activity to learn how to see and be seen.

Re-Balancing through Embodiment.

Attending a retreat around a full moon can offer many potential benefits for participants.

Emotional and Energetic Amplification

Human emotions have relation to the waters of the human body.  Full moons are known to influence the bodies of waters on earth’s surface, and this includes the influence on the nature of our own waters. Being in a retreat setting during a full moon allows you to harness this heightened emotional state, while working with equanimity, to create personal growth and transformation.  The combination of these factors allows for an energetic shift in the environment and participant.

Deep Healing

Full moons are then associated with emotional release and transformation. Our retreat program, skilled guide, private natural landscape and digital detox all combine to provide you with a supportive environment for introspection, self-reflection and healing practices, allowing you to release unwanted patterns. Participants experience deep healing on various levels.

Nature Connection: The Full Moon Gazing retreats take place in a serene natural setting providing a digital detox, the sound of the river and unobstructed star or moon gazing.  Our Rustic Luxury Retreat Center is located on 240 Acres of private Oak Woodlands in a literal womb of mountains making this an extra special place to re-connect to wild nature. Participants truly experience the healing energy of nature through the various outdoor forest bathing activities. Spending time in nature promotes relaxation, grounding, healthy sleep patterns and a deep sense of connection and rejuvenation.

Enhanced Intuition and Insight

Full moons are also considered to be a time of heightened intuition and insight. Our retreat environment and program encourage and share mindfulness, meditation, and self-inquiry, which can facilitate a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance.

Release and Renewal: Full moons symbolize completion and the culmination of a cycle. This makes it an opportune time for releasing what no longer serves you, while letting go of negative patterns, beliefs, or attachments. This program provides a supportive space to engage in ceremonies and practices to help facilitate this release process as well as to make space for what we want to Grow, Cultivate or Nourish in the coming cycle of our life.

Transformation & Intention

Our retreat offers a focused environment for setting clear intentions for you to align with your desires for personal growth and transformation.  This process begins from the moment you arrive until the closing circle.  In fact, you will begin this process before you arrive through inspirational homework and a support call with the teacher to share your needs and intentions to make the most of your time together.

Community and Support

Full Moon Gazing retreats have always attracted like-minded individuals seeking similar experiences. The retreat community provides a supportive and nurturing environment where you can connect with others on a similar path, share experiences, and gain support in your personal journey.  We have witnessed many friendships being forged under our Sierra Nevada Full Moons.

Contact for More Details: Kristin at info@vshr.org 

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