Full Moon Gazing Retreat Recalibrating the Heart

Dates: 4th to 7th April 2023  | Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

This Heart Opening and Wellness Retreat is designed for those seeking a deeper connection to their interior life while awakening to the language of their body’s life-force. This Full Moon Retreat will penetrate your physical, energetic, mental and emotional layers as we combine sessions of breathing, guided meditations, deep restorative stretching, gentle yoga, chi gong, free-flowing mindful movement, Forest Bathing/Moon Rise gazing and dancing. In the modern world, lack of movement and our sedentary lifestyle promotes stagnation and improper function of our bodies.

When coupled with unhealthy mental and emotional patterns we disconnect from the core of who we are and our purpose here on Earth. This has a daily effect on our body’s electromagnetic field, leading to poor quality of health, dysfunctional relationships and the epidemic of dis-ease we face collectively now. By using mindful movement, meditation and other self-awareness practices we learn to establish emotional balance, clarity and peace. These practices become skills we can use to balance the electromagnetic field within our body. Your guide Kristin English combines years of experience to support and guide you into yourSELF.  She looks forward to RE-minding you of the call of your own heart’s desire as you embark on a long weekend of Play and Relaxation together in Nature. *Guest teachers to be announced.

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All prices include Accommodations, Course Material & Organic Vegetarian Meals.
*Limited work trade/financial assistance available

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Contact for More Details: Kristin at Keke36@gmail.com 

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