Being Blissful Meditation Retreat

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Being Blissful Meditation Retreat
Dr. Omanand Guruji

In this retreat, come, learn and practice various ancient and unique yogic techniques for beautiful transformation and experience higher level of purification, rejuvenation and ecstasy.
Reduce: Stress, tension, anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, loneliness, confusion, trauma, etc.
Increase: Balance, relaxation, IQ, body strength, immune, better relationships, understandings, productivity, positivity, etc. For more info visit

Date: July 13th ~15th, 2018:
Venue: Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat, 41208 Hot Springs Dr,
California Hot Springs, CA 93207, Ph 661 548 6424
Contact: Deepak Swarup, Email:

Fees: Early Bird before June 30th $450.00
Regular: $500 This includes accommodation on shared bases and 6 Organic Vegan meals. Limited seats…

Please pay through PayPal to: INFO@VSHR.ORG, please provide your complete name, course interested in and date of the course, we will send confirmation and welcome letter along with registration form.

Retreat starts at 7 pm on July 13th and end at 2 pm July 15th.

Few of the Topics covered:

Scientific understanding of Yoga, Meditation and Yogic powers with practical Meditation. Classical music according to the time, rhythm, sufferings and sorrow.
Panayama techniques for total peace and bliss, Human life essence as per Yogic Science, Human energy flow as per Yogic science, Chakra, Shakti, Brain waves, Being Blissful meditation™, Bhakti Yoga
Yogic healing / Pranic healing/ stress /tension/anxiety relief/Yoga therapy technique / meditation, Conclusion / Award certificate / thanks giving

About Dr. Omanand ji

He has authored 40 books on Yoga & Meditation. His students from 87 countries are successful Yoga teachers. 29 students completed PhD in Yoga & Allied subjects under him. Guided more than 0.6 million people in Master of Being Blissful Meditation™ and Yoga. He teaches authentic Yoga & Meditation from original Sanskrit source. His scientific yoga and meditation teachings enables one to experience beyond body, mind and senses, leads to total purification and beautification of life.
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