Body, Mind and Heart Integration Workshop

Wellness Workshop for Integrating and Healing Body, Mind and Heart

Dates: 5th to 8th April 2018 

4 Days/ 3 Night at Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat Center ~ California Mountains ~ Hot Springs ~ Organic Vegetarian Food ~ Jacuzzi ~ Gorgeous View ~ Music ~ Dancing ~ Qigong ~ Meditation ~ Improving Muscular & Skeletal Systems ~ Releasing Stress ~ Rebooting Energy ~ Improving Thought Patterns ~ Establishing Emotional Balance ~ Harmonizing ~ Integrating ~ Private Healing Sessions ~ Private Life Coaching Sessions ~ Private Spiritual Guidance ~ Laughter ~ Joy ~ Love and Much, Much More!

This Workshop Retreat is designed for those seeking deeper connection to their inner-side and awakening to the language of their body, establishing an emotional balance, clarity, peace and gaining knowledge of how to balance their electromagnetic field through free flow and mindful movement, meditations and self-awareness practices. Stagnation and improper function of our body with unhealthy emotional patterns affect our body’s electromagnetic field on daily bases leading to poor quality of health and diseases.

This Workshop addresses your body, your mind, your emotions and your essence.

The Retreat is located in the gorgeous mountains of California, surrounded with hot springs, 100 Giants Redwood Meadow Grove and Sequoia National Park, hiking trails and natural creeks. You will experience homemade organic vegetarian and vegan dishes, enjoy yourself in Jacuzzi outside with a fireplace, dance on a newly built hardwood floors, lose yourself in music and find yourself through music, in between you will replenish your body with delicious organic fruit and veggie snacks, spend time enjoying sunrises and sunsets while deeper connecting and understanding yourself, you body, your heart and your life. Last but not least as a certified life coach and explorer of my multidimensional self and the universe, I will be connecting with you for one-on-one private sessions. All is included in the total cost.

Benefits: – Improvement of muscular & skeletal systems – Relaxation & release of stress from the body – Reboot of energy in the body and initiation of healing – Release of unhealthy thought patterns – Establishing healthy thought patterns & emotions – Harmonization of body, mind and emotions – Balancing Electromagnetic field – Private one-on-one sessions with Oxana

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